Nick is Podcast Monster.

Okay, okay. There's no such thing as an actual Podcast Monster - like a yeti or godzilla. Everything that happens at Podcast Monster goes through Nick Jaworski - that's me. (Phew. I can write in first person now.)

The joy of producing podcasts for clients all over the world is that I get to hear so many incredible and inspiring stories from people I'd never run into otherwise. I know it sounds sappy, but I do feel honored to help people share their stories and skills with the world.

My eclectic background as a trained musician, licensed teacher, military band member, non-profit leader, and, of course, as an audio producer mean that you're getting a unique partner with the experience to communicate your ideas to the public.

Clients aren’t just clients. They’re partners.
— I said that one time.

Why is it called "Podcast Monster"
and why are there dinosaurs?

Podcast Monster was originally named after a wonderful dog named Monster. He's not my dog, but we're buds. Everyone loves Monster and, while randomly combining "podcast" with other words, "Podcast Monster" felt like the kind of name that everybody could love.


A few months after officially naming Podcast Monster, I took a temporary job in California and then had to drive from St. Louis to San Francisco. Luckily, I was accompanied by four lovable dinosaurs: Grumpy (T-rex), Adele (brontosaurus), and The Twins (maybe camarasaurus... we're not sure and they don't talk much). We had a lot of fun on our road trip and those dinosaurs quickly started to represent the sort of adventurous spirit that I felt like I had lost years ago. It's the type of spirit that I see within a lot of my clients. So, when it was time to brand the company, it only made sense that the dinosaurs would be front and center - they are a constant reminder to me about the next adventure that is waiting.

From left to right: The Twins, Grumpy, and Adele.

From left to right: The Twins, Grumpy, and Adele.