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This is a podcast monster.

He doesn't Bite.

He just makes your podcasts sound awesome.


Have a story you want to share with the world? Let Podcast Monster take care of it.

It's really that simple.


Podcast Monster is a full-service digital audio production company that caters to businesses and individuals with a story to share. By combining technical knowledge with an artistic sensibility, your finished podcast can range from simple, interview-based shows to immersive, broadcast-quality storytelling experiences. Since Podcast Monster takes care of everything, your only responsibility is deciding what you want to say*.

(*Although, Nick will help you with that, too.)





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Here's What Podcast Monster Can Do For You.


"Why should I podcast?"


First, podcasts are a great medium for delivering a message. They're portable, intimate, and automatically download to subscribers' smartphones and computers. 

Second, podcasts are awesome. If you're still unfamiliar, why don't you try listening to This American Life or Serial (start the the beginning!).

Third, podcasting is growing. Technology has drastically changed the way we consume media. Rather than waiting for the newspaper in the morning or sitting in front of the TV at a specific hour, we get our news and entertainment whenever and wherever is most convenient. That’s what Web 3.0 means: access everywhere.

Some numbers to consider:

  • 70 million Americans listened to a podcast in the last year, and a large number of them are young, tech savvy, professionals.
  • 500% increase in smartphone sales in the last five years. 160 million Americans own a smartphone now.
  • 200+ million Apple products come with a podcast app.
  • 1 billion podcast subscriptions through iTunes.

In addition to all of that, newspaper and magazine readership has declined significantly, and people have turned/are turning towards digital media.

It should go without saying that producing a popular podcast is an excellent way to attract listeners who are interested in your content and loyal to your brand.

Nick is Podcast Monster.

Okay, okay. There's no such thing as an actual Podcast Monster - like a yeti or godzilla. However, I truly love working with others to help bring their stories to life. My eclectic background as a trained musician, licensed teacher, military band member, non-profit leader, and, of course, as an audio producer mean that you're getting a unique partner with the experience to communicate your ideas to the public.

Clients aren’t just clients. They’re partners.
— I said that.

Here is an incomplete list of the types of podcasts partners Nick Has worked with:

Dentists | Real Estate Agents | Youth Soccer Coaches | Affiliate Marketing Experts | Wine Experts | Teachers | Lawyers |
Life Coaches | Tabletop Gaming Enthusiasts | Nutrition Experts | Strength Coaches | Adventurous Types

I am also the Co-Editor and Co-Founder of Leading Notes, a popular online magazine devoted to music education. 

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