Nick is Podcast Monster.

Okay, okay. There's no such thing as an actual Podcast Monster - like a yeti or godzilla. However, I truly love working with others to help bring their stories to life. My eclectic background as a trained musician, licensed teacher, military band member, non-profit leader, and, of course, as an audio producer mean that you're getting a unique partner with the experience to communicate your ideas to the public.

Clients aren’t just clients. They’re partners.
— I said that.

Here is an incomplete list of the types of podcasts partners Nick Has worked with:

Dentists | Real Estate Agents | Youth Soccer Coaches | Affiliate Marketing Experts | Wine Experts | Teachers | Lawyers |
Life Coaches | Tabletop Gaming Enthusiasts | Nutrition Experts | Strength Coaches | Adventurous Types

I am also the Co-Editor and Co-Founder of Leading Notes, a popular online magazine devoted to music education.